Free and unlimited alternative to WeTransfer

Blip lets you send files and folders, super fast, with no file size limits


The problem with file transfer websites

File transfer websites have size limits and restrictions. And they're slow—the other person can only download once you've finished uploading.

Blip has no size limits

99TB? Game on. Blip works for files of unlimited size.


Save time, send directly

Transfer in just one step. No need to upload and download separately.


Keep your progress, whatever happens

Unlike with file transfer websites, Blip keeps your progress whenever something goes wrong


No insecure links

Unlike file sharing sites, with Blip there are no insecure links to your files floating around

Bypass the web

Blip doesn't store your files on a server, so there are no size limits. And it's optimized to to use the full bandwidth of your connection, saving you precious time

Send folders

Blip is designed to support folders. Say goodbye to chopping up your data into zip files!

Send folders without zipping

Blip supports sending folders, so you don't need to zip before sending.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For anything else, email us at [email protected]

Yes! Put that credit card away.

It’s completely free to use while we continue to roll out Blip. Going forward, we want to keep Blip free for personal use. We may introduce paid plans for commercial use or special features.

No, because Blip doesn’t upload your files to the web! Web links can be slow, insecure, and hard to keep track of.

Instead, with Blip you send directly to other Blip users in real-time.

Blip is designed with security in mind. It doesn’t use insecure web links. The things you share are sent directly to the person you choose, without being uploaded to a website somewhere.

Files you send are encrypted in transit, to protect from nosy neighbours.


Blip is designed to fully utilize your fiber connection, even when sending over long distances.

Blip doesn’t store your files in the cloud. This means you won’t run into space limitations, and can organize your files however you like. You don’t have to keep files in a special folder to be able to share them.

And unlike cloud storage, Blip is very external drive friendly—in fact, it’s designed for them.