Instant file transfer

Blip is the radically faster way to share in real time. You just click a device or a person, and your files are there.

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Plug and play

Sign in and you’re ready to go. Your devices find each other immediately.

Direct connection

All files transfer directly between devices, twice faster than putting them in the cloud.

Near and far

Blip works on local networks and the internet, when a local connection isn’t possible.

Full privacy

Everything is start to finish secure. Only people you share with can open your files.

Speed boost

Blip optimizes connections between devices for even faster transfers.


If you lose connection, everything pauses, and resumes when you’re back online.

No size limit

Your photos, videos, files, and folders all transfer in their original quality.

Any storage

Files are saved to your devices or external drives, and stay under your control.