A free, modern alternative to Aspera

Sharing large files? Blip the friendly alternative to legacy file transfer tools


The problem

Legacy file transfer products are difficult to set up, difficult to use… and difficult to afford!

Blip is different

Blip is a modern, friendly way to transfer files, that’s easy for everyone to use


Simple self setup

It’s easy to download and set up Blip by yourself. You don’t need to “talk to sales”, set up special servers, or pay a $10,000 minimum!

No servers needed

Blip removes the need to upload files to servers in the cloud. Send directly to others, point-to-point, without having to wait for uploads to finish

Super efficient

Blip is optimized to to use the full bandwidth of your connection, saving you precious time

Compatible with your tools

Blip sends any file format or folder tree (no zipping required), and doesn't require any firewall changes

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Frequently Asked Questions

For anything else, email us at [email protected]

Yes! Put that credit card away.

It’s completely free to use while we continue to roll out Blip. Going forward, we want to keep Blip free for personal use. We may introduce paid plans for commercial use or special features.

Blip has been designed from the ground up to be user friendly. Instead of connecting to servers and sending to IP addresses, you just click the person you want to send to and start sending.

Blip is "self-service". We want you to set up any use it by yourself! Our competitors want you to "talk to sales" or "request a demo" so they have an opportunity to sell you more services, and because their products often require work from your IT department.

Blip transfers in just one step–directly to the other person – so no “middleman” servers are needed, and there's no need to upload and download separately.

Because there are no separate “upload“ and “download“ steps, sending with Blip can be at least twice as fast as many other services. The recipient will start receiving right away rather than having to wait for you to finish uploading.

Yes—and much faster than server based solutions like Aspera!

Blip will find the fastest route to connect you with the other person, keeping traffic within your local network where possible.

Traffic can stay within the building (rather than travelling around the world), so this can lead to massive speed-ups — often 10x or even 100x faster than the competition.

Blip is designed with security in mind. It doesn’t use insecure web links. The things you share are sent directly to the person you choose, without being uploaded to a website somewhere.

Files you send are encrypted in transit, to protect from nosy neighbours.


Blip is designed to fully utilize your fiber connection, even when sending over long distances.